Our new Youtube series

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Audition for our Webseries!

Right now we’re accepting video auditions for VOOCE (Working title). You can find the downloadable script below. Please read for either DON or JAM or both! Just pages 1-4 please. And don’t worry at all about quality, just a video on your phone will do - we’re just after an idea of your performance style.

ALSO, we’ll be doing a bunch of these episodes with different main characters in each episode. We’ll also use your video audition to think of you as we release these

Many thanks! Once completed please upload to either youtube or vimeo and send a link to hello@lukejacobson.com.au

*If you’re below 18, please make sure you’re parent or guardian has a read to make sure that they’re okay with the content.



Silly Teen Comedy/Drama Short Needs 1 Main, 2 Supporting Actors -Any Gender

Victoria, Australia

Hello! We're the team behind the movie Sugar Cube. We're working on a unique new series of shorts for youtube.

It's called VOOCE, it's a comedy about the behind the scenes of a youth documentary shoot (like VICE). Think Round-The-Twist meets the office, in the style of Cloverfield. It's ridiculous, it's silly and it's a whole lotta fun with some simple character development.

We realised that there's not a lot of High Quality fictional content online thats made for teens, that also features teens. We want to make a great, funny series - featuring different actors every episode, with some returning. We're all about quality + having fun, with most of the team being working filmmakers (most at Arts Centre Melbourne actually!), this series will be top notch.

So we need 1 main character to act as our Vice style camera presenter along with 2 supporting characters as the enthusiastic filmers. We've written it so that gender doesn't matter for the characters too! All are welcome to apply for any of the 3 characters. People from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply too.

If you have a passion for character and can have a bit of a laugh, we'd love to check out your application. It's unpaid - but everyone will get a downloadable link of the short - AND we promise we'll release it soon after filming, so none of those annoying wait times that some film projects could have.

Even though we'll be using different actors for each short - we may ask you to come back, plus in future all going well we'd want to work with some of you again no doubt for season 2.

Thanks again!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Rehearsal - Around beginning of Oct
Shoot - End of Oct 

Job compensation




Enthusiastic - Like a golden retriever.

Anyone, aged 12 to 16 from Victoria, Australia


Confident and generally the leader in the background.

Anyone, aged 12 to 16 from Victoria, Australia


Always chill. Quietly loves to film drama.

Anyone, aged 12 to 16 from Victoria, Australia