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The beginning of it all...

Welcome to the Melbourne cafe, a fast paced, sometimes abusive place that centres around the very best of coffee and the very best of mates. 


Tomboy Cafe's barista, James (Matt Marasco), has been in love with his manager, Sarah (Tess Dobré), since they were kids, only he's never had the guts to tell her.  Sarah has a lot of problems; problems that she mainly causes, and James knows that if she would only be with him, he could fix everything.  Only problem is, Sarah doesn’t seem to feel the same way and loves him only as a friend.  On top of that, Sarah isn't really the kind of girl who would rely on anyone to be her saviour.


When Sarah takes a new job at a cocktail bar, James decides to leave everything he knows to discover a new world of cocktails, only the world is a bit more unusual than he expects.  Enter Tim (Kai Smythe), the eccentric ex-actor/bar owner who spends more time inspiring his employees than pretty much anything else, and Marty (Boris Granolic), the extremely misogynistic bartender who’s decided to be James’ new mentor.  As Sarah finds a distraction from her job in Jonny (Spencer Holmes-Dobe), another bartender who's motives are unclear, James begins to resent Sarah for not taking the obvious choice, himself.


As Sarah's life grows out of control and James lets her move in with him, James is forced to acknowledge his perspective on men and women and the different roles in life that he believes they should play.